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A small windows Application demonstrating file reading and writing on text and word documents

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Document Analyzer

Sept 20, 2015

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Douglas Dougan

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Software Requirements
  3. Acquiring and Installing
  4. Running the application
  5. Removing the Application
  6. Restrictions

1. Introduction:

The Document Analyzer is a standalone application that reads text (.txt) and Word Documents (.doc, .docm, .docx). The displays information on how many words or characters used in the file. Filters are provided remove numbers and punctuation from the search and combine upper and lower case letters. A graph is also available for character report only.


  • Windows XP, 7, 8 OR Windows 10.
  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • For project files – Visual Studio 2013.
  • For advanced users of visual studio. An an earlier version of Visual Studio can be used, but this requires you to create a new project and import required.


You do not have to install the document analyzer to use it. I have provided two options to run the application. A project with files to build and run the application, or an executable file for you to download and delete when you have finished evaluating the application.
  1. Click on your preferred file type and download when prompt.
  2. Save to desktop (this is for ease of access when running and deleting file).
  3. Create a folder to extract files to, then extract files to you newly created folder. Then delete the compressed file that you downloaded.
    1. if you downloaded the executable file just open and run
    2. If you downloaded the source code open with visual studio and compile.


  1. Find the executable file and double click on the DocumentAnalyzer.exe icon.
  2. Click on Open File, search for a text file or a word document>
  3. Click Open, The application will read the file and load it into memory
  4. Click Process File, and the application will analyze the document. If you select Letters you have the option filter your results, when selecting words you do not have the option to filter the results.
  5. The following is the output. First column is words, second is letters no filter and the last column all the filters applied.
  6. If analyze letters is selected you can view a graph of the results. This option is only available on letters because of the sheer number of words in the English dictionary
  7. Close the application.


Just find the folder you created and delete it.


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