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Sideline Grill & Sports Lounge was located in the community of Dover in Calgary, Alberta. It opened in late 2012 then sold in Oct 2015. Sideline was a full service restaurant and bar, which provided live entertainment and PPV on select sporting events.

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Sideline Grill & Sports Lounge
Web Application

Oct 2, 2015

Prepared for:

Prepared by:

Douglas Dougan

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Software Requirements
  3. Acquiring and Installing
  4. Running the application
  5. Removing the Application
  6. Restrictions

1. Introduction:

Sideline is the final project for the course CPRG-255 .NET Development w/ASP.NET. Which is part of the .NET Development Certificate of Achievement program at SAIT Polytechnic. Although I recently recreated the web application in Visual Studio 2013, I left the database in it's original design as per the requirements .


  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Vista®, Windows® 10
  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Visual Studio® 2012, 2013 or 2015
  • SQL Server 2005 min, but 2008 and greater is recommended
  • Any Modern Browser
    • Opera
    • Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge

If you choose to just run the sample application online you can skip to running the application


You do not have to install the Sideline to run it. I have provided two options to run the web application. A project with files to build and run the application, or an online sample for you to explore the application.
  1. Download Source code
  2. Save to your desktop (this is for ease of access when running and deleting file).
  3. Create a folder to extract files to, then extract files to you newly created folder. Then delete the compressed file that you downloaded.
    1. If you downloaded the source code, you'll need Visual Studio® installed on your computer.
    2. If you planning on running the Sideline project in Visual Studio®, you will need to setup the following if you want them to work.


  1. Try the online demo application.
  2. Run the Sideline project application in Visual Studio. Press "Ctrl + F5" to run the application.


Just find the folder you created and delete it. this step is only needed to be done if you downloaded the project files.


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